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Rabbit eye colour chart? We’ve got you covered! Check out our chart to see the different colors that rabbits can have. This chart is a great resource for identifying the eye color of your rabbit.

How can you quickly and easily determine your rabbit’s eye color? You may want to check out our Rabbit Eye Colour Chart! To identify the eye color of your rabbit, you can refer to this simple chart.


There is nothing cuter, cuddlier, or more playful than a rabbit. As pets, rabbits are also very intelligent, so it is not surprising that you may be considering adopting one. To do that you need to learn all you can about the rabbit. One interesting fact about rabbits is the color of their eyes. Despite the common misconception that all rabbits have large, round, brown eyes, this is not the case. An eye color chart for rabbits can be found here.

Rabbit eye colour chart

It is possible for a rabbit to have a variety of eye colors. It is most common for rabbits to have brown or blue eyes, but they may also have green, hazel, or pink eyes. It is even possible to find rabbits with two different colored eyes!

A condition such as this is called heterochromia, and it is relatively uncommon. You can be assured that the eyes of your rabbit will be beautiful regardless of what color they are.

Rabbit eye colour chart
Rabbit eye colour chart

Blue Eyes, Hazel Eyes, and More: The Complete Rabbit eye colour chart Guide

The eyes of rabbits can be as varied as their colors and patterns! You can identify your bunny’s unique eye color with this complete guide.

It is actually quite rare for rabbits to have blue eyes. Typically, British Blue and Netherland Dwarf rabbits have blue eyes. Blue-hued eyes, ranging from pale blue to deep navy, are a characteristic of these two breeds.

There are many breeds of rabbits that have hazel eyes. Golden-brown or greenish-brown rabbit eyes are more likely to be hazel.

It is also possible for rabbits to have two different colored eyes! Any rabbit breed can suffer from this condition, which is called heterochromia. 

In the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Roger Rabbit, a rabbit with heterochromia, is one of the most well-known characters with this condition.

The eyes of your rabbit will certainly be beautiful, regardless of what colour they are!

Rabbit eye colour chart

The Rabbit eye colour chart and patterns of rabbits vary widely, as do the shapes of their eyes. In order to provide a basic understanding of rabbit eye colours, the following is a quick guide:

Black rabbits eye

It’s the way they seem to stare intently at you as if they can see into your soul, that makes a black rabbit’s eye both intriguing and slightly unsettling. There is something about a black rabbit’s eye that is sure to capture your attention. It could be the way it blends into the darkness, making it appear almost otherworldly. Whatever the reason, they seem to blend into the darkness.

rabbits with blue eyes
rabbits with blue eyes

Rabbits with blue eyes

It is often assumed that rabbits have brown eyes, but you don’t know that they can also have blue eyes. While most rabbits are cute and cuddly, there are blue-eyed varieties that are becoming more popular as pets. You will find them just as friendly and loving as the brown-eyed ones, but they have unique blue eyes. Blue-eyed rabbits are a perfect choice if you are looking for a rabbit that stands out from the rest!

Rabbits with blue eyes
Rabbits with blue eyes

Brown Rabbits Eye

Some rabbits have brown eyes, but they aren’t the only ones out there! Many people believe that rabbits only have blue eyes, but there are brown-eyed rabbits too! Brown-eyed bunnies make great pets too

brown rabbits eye
brown rabbits eye

Hazel Rabbits Eye

Known for their deep hazel colour, hazel rabbits have intriguing eyes that sparkle in the light. Their eyes are a deep hazel colour with a hint of gold. While the rabbits are relatively small, their eyes are their most striking feature. They have eyes that are both captivating and mesmerizing. It’s impossible to resist the pull of their gaze when you look at them

Hazel Rabbits Eye
Hazel Rabbits Eye

Red-Eye Rabbits

The furry creatures are often portrayed as cute and cuddly, but they also have eerie red eyes, which make them quite eerie. In addition to being considered bad luck, these rabbits are believed to be disguised evil spirits. It’s hard to deny that these red-eyed rabbits aren’t just your average rabbit, no matter what you believe about the superstition.

Red-Eye Rabbits
Red-Eye Rabbits

What colour eyes do rabbits have?

There are a variety of colours available Rabbit eye colour chart for rabbit eyes. Brown, blue, and green are the most common colours. The eyes of some rabbits are also a mixture of two or more colours. It is possible to see rabbits that are brown and blue, and rabbits that are green and brown, for example.

Different breeds of rabbits have different eye colours. There are some breeds of rabbits which tend to have blue eyes, such as the Dutch rabbit. There are other breeds of rabbits with blue and brown eyes, such as the Himalayan rabbit. Other rare breeds have white eyes, such as the albino rabbit.

What are the different rabbit eye colour combinations?

A rabbit’s eyes may be brown, blue, or a combination of both. Rabbits are most commonly found with brown eyes, followed by blue eyes. The brown eye of a blue-eyed rabbit may eventually turn blue as the rabbit matures. 

The blue eye is typically born with one blue eye and one brown eye. The existence of two blue eyes in rabbits is less common, but it is possible. It is also relatively uncommon for rabbits to have two brown eyes.

What are the different rabbit eye colour combinations?
What are the different rabbit eye colour combinations?

White Rabbit Eyes

There are several types of rabbit eye colour chart crystals that are thought to have special properties. 

  • White Rabbit Eyes are one of them. 
  • According to their claim, they are able to help you see things that your regular eyes are not capable of seeing. 
  • It is commonly believed that these crystals can connect you with the spirit world and facilitate communication with spirits. 
  • They are even believed by some people to be capable of helping you predict the future. 
  • White Rabbit Eyes are a beautiful type of crystal that is definitely worth investigating, regardless of whether or not you believe in their powers.
White Rabbit Eyes
White Rabbit Eyes

Brown Rabbit Eyes

Rabbit eye colour charts are often referred to as having the most beautiful eyes in the animal kingdom, due to their brown eyes. 

  • This stunning species is characterised by its large, round pupils, along with its deep chocolate brown colour. 
  • It is not uncommon for people to be immediately drawn to the eyes of a brown rabbit when they see it for the first time.
  • It is calming and captivating to look into brown rabbit eyes. 
  • They appear to be looking into your soul with their serene expressions. 
  • Many people have a deep affection for brown rabbits, regardless of the reason.
  • Take the time to admire the eyes of a brown rabbit if you ever have the opportunity. 
  • The sight of them is truly breathtaking.

Blue Rabbit Eyes

Rabbit eye colour chart Its eyes were as blue as a clear summer day. Blue to the point that they seemed to reflect the essence of the blue rabbit itself.

  • Blue rabbits have blue eyes that reveal their soul, and through them, one can observe the purity of their spirits. 
  • As the Rabbit’s most valuable possessions, and as the source of his power, they were also his most valuable possessions.
  • It was reported that the blue rabbit’s eyes were able to see into the future, as well as be able to perceive the true nature of things. 
  • According to legend, the eyes of the blue rabbit were able to see into the hearts of men and the truth that was hidden within.

Rabbit eye colour chart Other coloured eyes

The other colour of the eye refers to eyes that don’t fit into the traditional category of brown, hazel, green, blue, or grey. It is possible to find these colours in a wide range of tones, from amber to violet. 

The colour of some people’s eyes may be determined by their birth, while others may develop them as a result of certain medical conditions or medications. It is important to note, however, that even though they are considered to be rare, they are actually quite beautiful and can enhance the appearance of a person.

How to identify Rabbit eye colour chart?

A rabbit’s eye colour can be identified in a variety of ways. 

  • To determine the colour of an eye, one can examine the iris. 
  • Rabbits with black eyes have black irises or very dark irises.
  • A Brown iris indicates brown eyes in a rabbit. 
  • The Blue iris indicates blue eyes in the rabbit.
  • The pupil, the black portion of the eye, can also be used to identify rabbit eye colour. 
  • In the case of rabbits with large, round pupils, the eyes will be black. Brown eyes are characterised by a small and oval-shaped pupil. 
  • Rabbits with blue eyes have long, narrow pupils.
  • Another way to determine rabbit eye colour is to examine the sclera, the white part of the eye. 
  • A rabbit with black eyes has a black sclera (or very dark sclera). 
  • Brown eyes are indicated by a brown sclera. 
  • Blue scleras indicate blue eyes in rabbits.
How to identify rabbit eye colour?
How to identify rabbit eye colour?

Rabbit eye color test

A rabbit’s eye color can be tested in two ways. 


We begin by looking at the iris of the eye, which is the colored portion of the eye. 


In addition, one may observe the tapetum, which is a reflective layer behind the iris.


There are three different types of eyes that can be found on rabbits: brown, blue, and green. 


It is best to view the rabbit in natural light in order to determine the true color of its iris. 


Most tapetum is gold or silver in color, but they can also be brown, green, or blue.


Tapeta is typically blue in rabbits with blue eyes. 


Blue tape may also be found in rabbits with brown or green eyes. 


It is due to the fact that the color of the tapetum is determined by a gene that is distinct from that which determines the color of the eyes.


Therefore, looking at the rabbit’s iris in natural light is the best method for determining its eye color. 


There is a good chance that the tapetum will be blue as well if the rabbit has blue eyes. 


It is possible for the rabbit’s tapetum to have several different colors depending on whether its eyes are brown or green.

Do all rabbits have black eyes?

The most common color of rabbit eyes is very dark brown, in which case they appear black and the iris is barely visible. However, rabbits can have even more unusual colors.

What do healthy bunny eyes look like?

You should be able to see the white of a rabbit’s eyes with your naked eyes. If you pull up on or down your rabbit’s eyelid, the eye tissue should appear pink, not red or white. Red, inflamed eye tissue and/or discharge from the eyes could indicate infection.

Can rabbits see at night?

Unlike most mammals, rabbits have good night vision. Pure darkness blinds rabbits – just as it blinds humans. This is because rabbits’ eyes don’t have a tapetum lucidum which helps them see in the dark.

Do all rabbits have pink eyes?

There are a few rabbits who have pink eyes, but they are not new color at all. In rabbits, the natural brown color becomes pink as a result of a genetic mutation. When rabbit eyes get a recessive gene that dilutes the color, it is known as pink eyes.


Rabbit eye color chart There are eight types of basic colors in rabbits. These dogs are categorized into four categories: black, white, brown, and mixed. A black rabbit can be classified into three types. Three types of black are available: velvet black, fox black, and obsidian black. There is a velvety luster to velvet black. There are several small streaks of black and dark brown color running through the fur of the animal, which resembles velvet in color. A coarse, thick fur is present, as well as thick, coarse hair. Rabbit eye color chart There is a great deal of beauty in the appearance. Identical to the fox’s black fur, the fox black rabbit is a dark color. Among the attributes of this fur are its density, gloss, and gloss, as well as its short and soft hair. Black obsidian rabbits are very similar to wild rabbits in terms of their color. In addition to being short and soft, the hair is thick and coarse.

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