Disclosure of Amazon Affiliates

Amazon.com publishes The Rabbit’s Guide. We are members of the Amazon Associates Program, a program that helps websites earn revenue by advertising and linking to Amazon.com products.

Disclosure regulations of the FTC

The Federal Trade Commission issued new disclosure guidelines in 2015.

When a publisher or blogger is endorsed, sponsored, or partnered, the following guidelines are meant to make it clear to readers and viewers. Readers should know if a publisher makes money by sharing a link or a product when that link is shared by the publisher.

Considering the following guidelines when interpreting content on this site: Therabbitsguide offers affiliate links for purchases of certain items. Clicking on these links will earn a small commission.

Affiliate links are precisely that.

An affiliate link on https://therabbitsguide.com/ links readers directly to the seller (therabbitsguide is not involved in the purchase).

When Therabbitsguide brings traffic to Amazon or other companies, it is compensated with a commission or other payment.

Whether you click an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link, a reader’s price won’t change regardless of what affiliate link they use.

We offer two types of affiliate programs at therabbitsguide:

1. Affiliate links to Amazon.

Several affiliate marketers at Therabbitsguide are affiliated with Amazon Associates, a program that allows affiliate marketing managers to earn money by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated websites.

2. Affiliate links to Products.

A commission will be earned if you click on an affiliate link and purchase a product.

The prices of affiliate links are not affected. There are no charges incurred when affiliate links are clicked. You do not have to do anything to benefit from affiliate links.

Is your content sponsored?

As a blogger, I do not write sponsored posts. That is not what I do. I do not publish sponsored posts. All my articles are unbiased and honest. Sponsored posts will be identified at the start if a company chooses to submit them.

In order to keep my recommendations honest, I only recommend products that I use myself and would recommend to anyone else.

My research would not be possible without your support. I am very grateful for your support. We greatly appreciate your assistance.