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Hi there, it’s Weronika here…

I absolutely love Rabbits (even more than myself)

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Author of The Rabbitsguide

My friends and I rescued Oreo from the cold streets of the United States. Someone dumped Oreo

I am always overjoyed whenever I see rabbits, and my friends have noticed this 

It even got a little annoying at one point since I was talking about rabbits the entire time.

Author of The Rabbitsguide
Author of The Rabbitsguide

Hey Weronika, you’re like the Rabbits: everyone comes to you for advice. Maybe you can create a website on Rabbits and share your experiences with others?”

This is probably what my face looked like when I was scared.

The next day, however, I began to think about it more and more, as if it was the “Matrix Moment”.

My friend, who is both a website designer and a copywriter, helped me build my first website after many years. She is helpful with all the information about Rabbits, so I decided to create a site where all the rabbit information could be shared.

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Author of The Rabbitsguide

Why is your website called The rabbit’s guide?

Providing information about rabbits and their care is the purpose of The rabbit’s guide. We believe rabbits are amazing creatures and deserve their own dedicated website. On our website, you’ll find information on care and diet, training tips, and behavior tips. We also have a section dedicated to rabbit rescue, since we believe every rabbit deserves a caring home.

Author of The Rabbitsguide
Author of The Rabbitsguide

How can I help you today?

If you’re looking for information on rabbits, you’ve come to the right place. Here at the Rabbit Rescue Centre, we have a wealth of experience in caring for these furry creatures. In addition to cages and bedding, we also offer food and toys. We also have experts on everything from diet and health to behavior and training. You can count on us to help you find the answers to your questions. answers. So please, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re here to help you give your rabbit the best possible life.

Author of The Rabbitsguide

“But Weronika, I still want to learn more about you…”

Ok. You can follow me on Facebook, Pinterest & LinkedIn.

Author of The Rabbitsguide